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Heap of misery part 2

Today I contacted Xs4all again since Internet was not working since 23:00. This morning I rebooted the modem several tims but unfortunately no success. As agreed with the helpdesk I called back today and happy I was rapidly put through with 2nd line. There I got a person on the line which asked several questions and tried some things. Conclusion: Xs4all can’t do anything about it and needs to put it through their networksupplier (if think it’s KPN),  for a network measuring. No problem on the first sight only then the person told me that it lasts 3 up to 6 working days before they have carried out the test. After the telephone call we putted back the splitter-device .  And after that it worked, I wonder myself for how long 😉 I looked at the logging of the modem it goes down and up and down and up ; -)

So now we have to wait for 3  to 6 working days perhaps then we know where the problem is caused by, or maybe the problem dissapears spontaneously. 😉

Heap of misery

Their back the problems with the internet connection . After the activities of Wednesday on Thursday night misery started.  As your perhaps have read on my website, it is hosted on a web server which is connected to an ADSL-line from Xs4all. Thursday the line started having issues already more often then normal and Friday the line wasn’t there anymore . Since the server does not stand where I live we started Sunday evening with troubleshooting. After some rebooting and resetting of the modem the stupid thing worked again and saw the line. But that was not for long. After 2 hours online the connection was broken and didn’t came up again . Today I contacted Xs4all where I had 19 persons in front of me. Eventually I got someone on the line which could help me. I must say that he helped well and cooperated with everything. The conclusion after 20 minutes was that he could no help me and that I need to be in touch with the guys from the 2nd line. At that moment it was 20:10 and the 2nd line was already closed so I should contact them again tomorrow. Conclusion will probably be that there is something wrong with the KPN line. This because removing the splitter device between the modem and the incoming line doesn’t solve the issue. If you are interested in how this problem is solved, stay tuned 😉

Waiting on Schiphol

I am waiting on Schiphol to depart to Cork. The checkin has been automated this days, it is really nice. Just had some lunch and now I have to wait till 20:10 because boarding then starts. I read on the Xs4all site that if you are a member of them you can use KPN Hotspots for free. It doens’t go really fast but for surfing the internet it’s OK, at home I have a 20 Mbps connection so comparing with that it’s slow 😉

I am very curious what Trend will present in Cork, but when I have some time I will publish it on my site. I can’t bring to much outside I think but  I will keep you informed.

I am back again

As many other people may website was also suffering the KPN/Xs4all problems which were in the Netherlands. Since today everything is working fine, although the line is dropping sometimes, but maintenance will be done in a couple of days. Meanwhile the infrastructure behind the ADSL modem is adjusted because there was a cable between it which gave some issues. But the site is online again and that is the importantst. I think the problems last week have shown use how weak the network is and that you really are dependent now a days. Tomorrow evening I will travel to Cork (Ireland) to the Trend Micro University. I really wander what I will see there, when I have time I will put some info on my blog about it.