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Vista SP1 released, XP SP3 released within 2 weken

As you may now Microsoft has released the second wave of Vista SP1. In this wave the Dutch version is also included. Last night I downloaded and installed it immediately. The shutdown proces goes faster then before the update ūüėČ On 29 april Microsoft will release Microsoft XP Servicepack 3.¬† In the servicepack there will be a few new functions en according to earlier beta reviews it should be a lot faster too.

XP Sp3 available at the end of April

Windows XP cd

According to a lote of rumor sites SP3 vor Vista will be available at the end of April. Microsoft has not confirmed this but tells that they are trying to get it ready before in the first half of 2008. On the internet you can download many beta’s but Microsoft does not recommend to install them. The funniest is that you can read the release notes¬†for SP3 since the begin of this month and¬†RC2¬†can be downloaded from the¬†Microsoft site. When you are looking further in the release notes they appear to be for RC2 and not for the official release so the title of the download is not really clear. RC2 contains a few new features: Network Access Protection, Black hole router detection, Enhanced security for Administrator and Service policy entries and Windows Product Activation. This last feature is also available in products such as Vista, Windows 2008 and Office 2007. You can install the product without a key and then use it for a short period just like a trial.

Install PHP and Mysql in Vista

This tutorial will explain how you can get PHP and Mysql working with IIS 7. In IIS 7 several things have changed which will make the installation a little bit complicated then it was in previous versions or as with Apache. I found out the issues myself also and searched on Google for the solutions.

First download the following software:

  • PHP 5.x (the zip file is the easiest)
  • Mysql 5.x

When you downloaded both software packages we can start with installing. We will divide this is a few steps:

  • install PHP
  • configure¬†IIS/PHP
  • install Mysql

Install PHP

The zip file contains all the files you need, extract them to a location such as c:\Program Files\PHP.

You will see the directory contains a few sub-directories:

  • Ext
  • Extras
  • PEAR
  • Dev

Especially the “ext” directory is important because it contains all extensions to expand PHP.

Configure IIS/PHP

The next step is configuring PHP and IIS. The configuration from PHP will be done by modifying the file “php.ini” which is a simple text file. This file can be found in the root of the¬†PHP directory and needs to be copied to “c:\Windows”. You can make adjustments if you like, for example switch on some extensions.

For using PHP with Mysql we need to remove the “;” in front of the next line: extension=php_mysql.dll.

After this is done we need to copy some files: “php_mysql.dll”¬†which can be found in the¬†“ext” directory,¬†and both¬†“libmysql.dll”¬†and “libeay32.dll”¬†from the¬†PHP directory,¬†all of them need to be copied to ¬†“c:\windows\system32”.

When this is done we need to configure IIS. The IIS configuration is not much work but first¬†we have to add some components because they are not installed by default. So start “add and remove programs” and choose the option “windows parts ..”. The next options need to be¬†enabled:




When this is installed we could continue with configuring IIS. Start up the IIS Management and choose the optie “Handler mappings”. When this is opened you will get an option to add a “add script mapping”, when choosing this you will get the following screen:




Fill in all fields as above except “executable/file path” here you need to select the directory where PHP is installed. Press OK, Windows will ask you if this needs to be applied to all IIS parts, click OK this will safe you a lot of time.

The handler mappings will look like this:




To check if PHP is configures OK create a PHP file with the following content:


Safe this file to the root of your webserver and open the file via Internet Explorer. When the installation is successful you will get an overview of all the settings you did in the PHP.ini

Install Mysql

The last step is installing Mysql you can use the default steps for this. The only option that may need to be changed is the type of server. For a developers machine you need to select “developer” if you want to use it for production then this option is not recommended.

Handlertoewijzingen overzicht



Scripttoewijzing toevoegen




IIS component toevoegen

Windows XP SP3

Windows XP

The new beta of SP3 for Windows XP is leaked via the internet, it has build-code 3205. Besided the patches that are in the SP there are a few new features in it: you don’t have to type in a registration key during the installation, a new Network Access Protection-module, Microsoft Kernel Mode Cryptographics-module,¬†and a Black Hole Router detection algoritm. It’s not exactly known when the Service Pack will be released.