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Safari Beta 3.0.2 improved a lot


Today a new build is released of Safari for Windows. I don’t have found the issues that were in the previous builds so that’s nice. You can see that Apple wants to launche their browser a.s.a.p. On the website there’s a note that it contains both bug fixes and security fixes. We are going further testing Safari for bugs.

My experience with Safari Beta 3 for Windows


Just back from holiday and saw the Beta for Safari 3 for Windows was released. I thought why not trying it, because I have worked with Apple before so I downloaded and installed it. The fun was for a short time, when pasting something in a field the browser crashed completely. I tried it on another machine but that didn’t solve the issue also. Surfing the internet works OK but it’s not faster what Apple claims. Plug-ins sich as Flash need to be installed manually and doesn’t go automatically. Also the browser has some issues with displaying links on pages which contain Java and PHP. I know we are talking about a Beta version so the final version would be better I guess.

My conclusion is that there is a lot of work to be done before the final version is ready.