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Voice Ignite Parijs

I’m back from Paris todays now in Paris where I went to the Microsoft Voice Ignite. It were 5 great days where I have learned a lot, meet a lot of new people en saw a lot. Besides the slides that were presented they made sames labs too so you could try it out for yourself. On thursday we got a “Make it real” scenario where we need to make our own design. Together with my collegue we need to work with some French guys.  What a cocksure guys to French they won’t speak English only French. The last day we saw a few slides and did 1 lab “Make it Right” where you have to solve all the issues the guys from Microsoft have build in the lab. Soon there will be more tutorials on my site I am thinking which subject I will do but I think it will be Exchange 2007, Powershell and maybe Office Communications Server. I would see have a look at my site now and then and you will see it yourself.

Exchange 2007

The last step before you can play with the UM functions of Exchange is a telephone.

Not everybody has a IP-PBX and a phone to test with, of course there are some opensource packages. One of them is SIPX which can be uses as a PBX and then you could use a softphone as a phone if you like.

But why should do that if Microsoft has it’s own UM Testphone.  You can install it on a client to try somethings. In this tutorial I will explain how you can install the UMTestphone and configure it.


Configure Exchange UM


As promised a while ago I would create a new tutorial.

The last period I’ve played a lot with Exchange 2007 UM so I thought it would be nice to create a tutorial about that.

This is the first tutorial where I will explain how you can configure Exchange 2007 Unified Messaging. I will make some more tutorials in a short time now. Have a lot of fun reading it.


Exchange 2007 UM test

Exchange 2007 UM test phone 

So it’s time for an update on my site. The last time I did not have many time to update my website. The last few weeks I experimentated with Exchange 2007 and especially the UM part. Microsoft did real good work and when you hear the things they are planning for the future then the competitors should worry. If you are experimentating with Exchange 2007 also but you don’t have a SIP-server then you should try the Exchange UMtestphone. You can find the tool within the bin directory of Exchange. On Technet you can find a manual on how to set it up. I think I will make a tutorial for it this week how you can get it working on a client.