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Exchange 2007: install a certificate

Exchange 2010 will propably be RTM soon, so before that a new tutorial for Exchange 2007.

This time about installing a certificate, this contains several steps:

  • creating the certificate request
  • generating the certificate with a CA server
  • install the certificate

The steps above will be described step by step and will help you through the process of installing a certificate on an Exchange 2007 CAS server.


Exchange 2007 shared address space

Sometimes you will find the situation having several types of mailservers within one organization, for example Exchange in combination with another mailserver.

But how can you arrange that Exchange will accept the mail, checks if the recipient exists on the Exchange server and if not will forward it to the other mailserver,

In this tutorial we will ensure that mail which is send to the domain johanveldhuis.nl will be accepted by Exchange and if the user does not exist Exchange will forward it to the other mailserver.