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These tutorial explain how you can activate SSH/telnet on the Synology.

In fact this is rather simple, you must in the first place ensure that you have the concerning patch:

After we have the concerning patch downloaded and unpacked you must to the management console of the Synology. This is possible in two manners:

  • direct via the webbrowser: http://ip-adres-van-synology:5000
  • via the Synology Assistent, click on the button Manage

If you of two have done one of the two steps above you must carry out the  following steps:

  • click on System in the menu
  • choose for the option Firmware upgrade
  • click on the button browse and select the unpacked file
  • click on OK  and the patch will be installed

When you have installed the SSH patch  you can assess the Synology via:

In case you installed the Telnet patch you can access it via telnet, in most versions of Windows this is installed by default. When you have Vista you need to install telnet first.

Below you can see the result, first we open Putty and fill in the ip-address of the Synology:


Then we will in the username: root and the password, this is the password that you have setup for the admin account.

SSH sessie Synology

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Synology DS-207+

Synology DS207+

Yes I received my new gadget the Synology DS-207+. It’s a NAS from Synology with a lot of options. It has a build-in web-server(with php and mysql), ftp-server, possibility to stream audio and a file server option. Besides the default options you can extend the box with iPKG files. This makes it possible to put SABnzb on it and I can tell you it works pretty good. In the Synology there is space for 2 harddisks and you can configure them as a RAID 0 or RAID 1. Soon you will here more about my experiences with the DS-207+.