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Microsoft has release Rollup 6 for Exchange 2007 SP1 today. This rollup contains several fixes among which:

  • fix for security issue (MS09-003)
  • fix to use OWA in Internet Explorer 8. S/MIME wil not workin IE 8, if you are using it, continue to use IE 7
  • XLS files are empty when opened via OWA
  • fix for geheugen/cpu usage of the Exchange File Distribution service

For a full overview and extra info have look at the sites below.

MS Exchange Team

Rollup 5 released

Today rollup 5 for Exchange 2007 is released. This update contains fixes for:

  • OWA displays a blank page after the installation of rollup 3 or 4
  • the Unified Messaging part of Exchange 2007 may have issues with the diversion header in some cases
  • the OAB can not be copied from the OAB share which is hosted on a Windows 2008 server when Exchange is used in a CCR environment

These are a few fixes, for a complete overview visit the site below.


Exchange Rollup 5 released soon

On the site of the Microsoft Exchange Team an article is published about rollup 5 which will be available within a few days. One of the fixes in the rollup will ensure that all services will start after the installation of a patch. There are some known cases that this will not happen after the installation of a rollup. The problem is caused by a check of a certificate which is used to sign the binaries. This check wil try to contact but when the environment has limited or no internet access this can cause this issue.

Besides this fix the rollup will contain fixes for the issues below:

  • Need an option to apply ELC policy to only the root instead of applying it recursively to root and all subfolders
  • Add generatePublisherEvidence enabled=”false” to Exchange Services Config Files
  • SCR does not copy logs in a disjoint namespace scenario
  • SCR cannot be enabled when DNS suffixes differ on source/target in disjoint namespace scenarios
  • Exchange 2007 CAS cannot copy the OAB from the OAB share on Windows Server 2008-based Exchange 2007 CCR clusters 
  • Messages get stuck in outbox on Windows Mobile 6.1 devices When using  CAS proxy
  • MSI patching doesn’t update logon.aspx if the file is modified by customer

Microsoft has released rollup 4 today for Exchange Server 2007 SP1.  This rollup pack contains several fixes for several bugs in Exchange 2007 SP1:

  • problems with wildcards in certificates
  • information in DSN messages are not displayed correctly
  • attachments are displayed in the body of the message

For a full overview of the list of fixes have a look at the site below, to download the patch click on the download link.


During some searching on the forums, I read a lot of messages about problems after installing the last rollup packs for Exchange. Rollup pack 3 for Exchange 2007 SP1 as wel as rollup pack 7 for Exchange 2007 RTM can cause problems. Microsoft has admitted that there are issues with it and has released some solutions to solve this issues. Have a look at the following site to find out how to solve it.