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Trend Micro Internet Security 2008 Beta 2

Trend Micro Internet Security 2008

This weekend I got an e-mail from Trend that there was a new build available. Yesterday I downloaded it and after removing the old build it started with installing. The only thing that needed to be changed was a registry key because else updating didn’t worked. Eventually they didn’t helped because auto updating didn’t worked very well. The new build contains fixes for issue that I had with the first build so that good, I had some problems with the SPAM engine which now are gone. No we have to wait till auto update works.

Trend Micro Internet Security 2008 BETA

Trend Micro Internet Security Beta

This weekend I did some BETA testing. This time for Trend Micro, they release a BETA version of the new Internet Security. The installation went OK it detected the current package and removed it. But then the problems started the update function didn’t worked but no reason was specified. The I ran a full scan, after 4 hour scanning I stopped it. You can’ see what is the progress in the program so very irritating. You can’t shutdown Windows normally because Trend has a buildin check to check if there is a scan running. So I need to hold the powerbutton to shutdown my machine. After a reboot I did a manual scan . Here you can see how long the program needs to complete the scan. The buildin SPAM filter implements itself in you e-mail client it looked good on first sight. After several minutes it gave an error and crashed. Yeah it could happen it’s a BETA but an other Trend Micro Service blocked Dr Watson so no crash info could be created this caused a loop. The only solution was swichting of the service and then force quit the SPAM service. So a lot os issues in the first BETA, Trend has to do a lot of work on it before it’s ready.

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