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Maxtor Hard Drive Dominoes

Looks like this person was borred and had a lot of defective harddisks. The effect is really nice to see. When you want to get some inspiration have a look at the movie.

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500 GB back in my pc

Samsung SP2004c hd

Today I received my other hd. I can tell you that the warranty from Maxtor is better then the one from Samsung. I received a new disk from Maxtor within a week and it is a bigger one too. Now make some regulary backups so that if it happens again I don’t lose all my data 😉

2 hd’s within one month

Maxtor hd

Today my second hard drive crashed. I had some photo’s on this one and I didn’t have a backup. I had an old 60 GB IDE disk so I put it in my pc and installed Windows on it. I haven’t had it earlier two defective drives in such a short time. Now I first have to send it back to Maxtor and then have to wait several weeks before getting the new one I guess.

Yes I received my new hd

Maxtor hd

Yesterday I received one of my defective harddrives. And it was a 300 GB instead of the 200 GB I sent, so 100 GB for free 😉 I put it in the Hardcano 14  and installed a clean OS on it. The case is working well the temprature doesn’t go above the 38. When you leave the system alone the temperature will drop very fast. This is something else then my temporarily IDE disk who got 50 degrees and was very slow. Another advantage of the new disk is that it supports NCQ. With this method the read/write actions are execute more precise. For a full description see Wikipedia.