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On the 11th of July the “new” Iphone will be available in the Netherlands. T-Mobile will arrange the distribution of the iPhone. The new iPhone has the ability to synchronize with your Exchange Server. Besides that the phone contains 3G functionality something a lot people have wait for. This is all possible because of the new firmware version 2.0. Besides this functionalities the “new” iPhone has many other features who improve the phone.


Apple let hear of itself

Apple laat weer van zich horen

As expected the Keynote from Steve was a lot of bacon hoist. Apple released the MacBook Air. At this moment the smalles notebook. The new notebook has a Led backlit 13.3″, ambient light sensor, 1.8″ hard drive and 2 GB memory. The strange thing is that the notebook does not have an optical drive by default. It it possible to order a superdrive for it, but that one would be external. This is not the only thing that is strange, the user can’t replace the battery him/herself. You can choose for a normal hd or a 64 GB solid state disk. Besides this features the notebook has also onboard Blue Tooth and a Wireless N-card. Besides the new MacBook Apple will bring out a new Auroport Extreme. This will contain a 500 GB or 1 TB disk. I must say that I am quite impressed Apple suprises the world again. Now it’s just waiting till they are available at the shops.


Something in the air deel 2

Something in the air

De Apple site is vandaag ook van stijl verandert de banner There’s something in the air prijkt nu ook op de Amerikaanse site. MacDailyNews laat weten dat er diverse domeinnamen door Apple zouden zijn geregistreerd met als naam MacBookAir. Er wordt nu druk gespeculeerd dat Apple een nieuwe notebook uit zou brengen met touch-screen en misschien zelfs een solid state harddisk. Morgen is het zover dan is de Keynote, deze is overigens niet live te zien op de Apple site maar pas aan het eind van de middag. Als je morgenavond dus niks te doen hebt dan zou je dus de Keynote gaan bekijken.

There’s something in the air

There’s something in the air

Nog een paar nachtjes afwachten en dan is het zover MacWorld. Apple is al druk bezig met de voorbereiding en op de rumor sites wordt druk gespeculeerd over nieuwe hardware die Steve Jobs op de beurs zou gaan presenteren. Dit spandoek hangt al bij Moscone Center. Op de geruchten sites verwachten veel gebruikers dat Apple met een nieuw wireless product komt andere gebruikers verwachten dat Apple met notebooks komt die minder zwaar zijn. 15 januari zal Steve Jobs het bekend maken, dus nog even afwachten.

NewMac Pro

Mac Pro

Apple has released a new Macpro model before the MacExpo wll start in San Fransisco. Toch heeft Apple het niet kunnen laten om nog een nieuw Macpro model te lanceren. It contains a Xeon 2,8 Ghz CPU with 8 cores and default 2 GB memory. If this is not enough for you you can buy the top model with a Xeon 3,0 GHz CPU with 8 cores and 32 GB memory. You can connect up to 4 disks to the diskcontrollers of maximum 1 TB per disk. The models will be delivered with a few video-cards the GeForce 8800 GT and the Quadro FX 5600 both from Nvidia. I had a quick look athe the Apple Store but the most expensive with 4 x a terabyte disk will cost you a lot of money.

G5 supercluster

A few years ago the Virginia Tech build a Supercluster of G5 machines. This movie will give you a good impression how they did it. The supercluter exists of 1100 Powermac G5’s en they are 7th on the list of supercomputers. In the meantime all Powermac G5’s have been replaced by Xserve G5’s.

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20th Anniversary Macintosh

20th Anniversary Macintosh 

I found this one on the site It’s more then 20 years ago that Apple released the 20th Anniversary Macintosh. This model was released because of the 20th anniversary of Apple. The Mac contained a PowerPC 603ev processor who ran at 250 MHz. Besided that the Mac contained a tv-kaart, a 20 gb hd, 1.4MB Superdrive and 4 speed cd-rom drive. The model was brought out with a very cool speaker. I’ve seen this model myself a few times and the sound that comes out of the speakers is really good.

Golden Powerbook

Gouden Powerbook

Normally the Powerbook is cool to see, but this makes it really cool. This one has a golden housing which makes the Powerbook more beautifull then it already is. You have to pay for it because this Powerbook will cost $8999.