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  1. Shawn Harry ‏@shawnharry 11 Jul
    Anyone out there a dab hand with .net? Can you create a GUI for Sefautil in your spare time and let me know when done. Thanks! #lync2013

    Thanks Johan!!!

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  3. If you want to create a shortcut that automatically opens this script, create a new shortcut with the following location:
    c:\windows\system32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe -command "& c:\sefautil_gui.ps1 -pool pool.contoso.com"

    Change the path and pool FQDN accordingly.

  4. Hi Jonatan,

    Currently not but maybe this will be implemented in a future edition I will add it to the feature request list.


  5. Seems to work fine, great work!!

    Big improvement (for me at least) would be to not load the user’s info immediately when it’s selected, but only after pressing a “Get user info” button or something like that. Makes it slow when searching users(larger environment) due to SefaUtil’s ridiculous slowness.
    And of course a search function 😉

    But you’ll already made my life easier, tnx a lot!

  6. Hi Johan, you have put great effort into this one and it’s a great help over the CLI based alternative. However it seems like I can only get it to read the current settings of a user and not change them. I’ve had the same experience on two separate installations now (one Enterprise and one Standard). If I make changes from the command line, the settings are updated in the GUI.

    Any ideas?

    Also; for future releases, maybe an option to handle Common Area Phones as well? I see some use cases where end users want to set forwarding for those.

    Best regards,

  7. Hi Johan,
    I have the same experience as Rune. It’s only working in read-only. Changes are not written…

  8. Hi Lesley,

    Can you please send me the output from the powershell box so I csn see what goes wrong.
    You can use the contactform to send me your e-mail address so I can contact you directly.


  9. Just found this Johan. Great script.
    I’ve made a little alteration to provide a pre-form dropdown list of available Lync pools if you ever produce a v2 of this. Drop me a line and I’ll email it to you.

  10. Hi Peter,

    What’s the output in the log Window?
    A new version will be released soon to incorporate Skype for Business. Which also contains some bug fixes. I am currently in the final test stage and if no major things are found it will be released so where next week.


  11. Was the Skype for Business version ever released yet?

    I’m also finding that the utility seems to work in read-only mode as some other users have reported. The PowerShell window doesn’t have any additional info.

  12. Hi Johan,
    sorry for the late reply 😉
    We made an Inplace Upgrade to S4B and I changed your script to use its Lync2013 sections when detecting “version 7” (=S4B). Still the same behavior, can’t apply changes on most attributes, such as Forward Destination etc.
    The PS window says “Applying changes”, then “Following Action war performed:”, then a blank line ! and then again “Retrieving userinfo…”, no error information.
    Retrieving data is no problem and some attributes can be written, such as Delegates.

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