EMC can’t be closed after IE 9 is installed

Update 1-5-2010: this issue only occurs if opening one of the items which are located in the organizational management folder

Event log errors after installing Exchange 2010 SP1 on a Mailbox Server

After the installation of Exchange 2010 SP1 on a server which only contains the Mailbox Server role you might get a lot of errors in the event log.

OAB Generator encountered error 80040115 (internal ID 50004b0)

The OAB Generator of Exchange is responsible for generating the Offline Address Book (OAB). To generate this the service will use information which is found in the Active Directory. When you have a single forest and domain this will not give a lot of issues. But what happens when Exchange is installed in the forest root domain and the users are placed in a child domain? In this case Exchange will contact the domain controllers in the child domain to gather the information.

Automate OWA IM Integration configuration – update 2

It’s time for another update for the prepare_owa_im script, this update is pretty big compared to the earlier update. Starting with this version it’s possible to configure both OWA and Lync using the script. There is one limitation: it’s not possible to enable the new topology.

RPC Client Access Service doesn’t start anymore

In Exchange 2010 almost all connections are made via the CAS server, excluded the Public Folder connection. On the CAS server a service is running called the RPC Client Access Service which is used by Outlook to make a connection to the mailbox. When this service isn’t running no MAPI connections can be made to the server.

Automate OWA IM Integration configuration – update

One of the options which was missing in the first edition of the script was to check if a certificate is self-signed or not. By default a self-signed certificate is installed on an Exchange CAS Server. The problem with this kind of certificates is that other servers won’t trust it.

Exchange UM doesn’t answer calls after SP1 upgrade

During an upgrade to Exchange 2010 SP1 I had a nasty problem. After the upgrade of the Unified Messaging server the server didn’t accept any calls.  

Strange translation

Generally translations in most software is very accurate. The one I discovered can be found in the Exchange 2010 SP1 Exchange Control Panel (ECP).

Speeding up the installation proces of a rollup

The process of installing a rollup for Exchange 2010 can take a lot of time when you have a bad/no internet connection. One of the causes for this is the validation process of the digital signature of the .NET Framework components. When having a bad/no internet connection this can slow down the process, this because of the default time-out of 15000 miliseconds for a single CRL check up to 20000 miliseconds for checking all CRL’s.

Automate OWA IM Integration configuration

Since the release of Exchange 2010 Service Pack 1 the steps for configuring OCS/Lync IM integration for OWA has changed.