Update Rollup 3 for Exchange Server 2007 SP1 and Update Rollup 7 for Exchange 2007 RTM can cause issues

During some searching on the forums, I read a lot of messages about problems after installing the last rollup packs for Exchange. Rollup pack 3 for Exchange 2007 SP1 as wel as rollup pack 7 for Exchange 2007 RTM can cause problems. Microsoft has admitted that there are issues with it and has released some solutions to solve this issues. Have a look at the following site to find out how to solve it.

Outlook Web Access

When you have played with Exchange 2007 and Outlook Web Access earlier you may have seen a lot of differences between Outlook Web Access 2007 and 2003. There have been added nice features to the new version of OWA such as: you can access a file-server/sharepoint-server, you can restrict what files can be opened via OWA and how they are opened then.

Virtual PC won’t show console anymore

Most blog-items translated

It has cost some time but I can report that almost all items are now available in Dutch and English. It was more work then I had expected I had to translate 184 items + all the tutorials. Last days I did not blog very often because of this so now I will pick it up again. Besides that I added some new features to my site, it’s now possible to add a blog item to your favorites of Technorati, Live and some other sites.


Today I became a member of Technorati to become a part of their list. That’s why I posted this message on my site, they use it to confirm that I am the owner of it. Google uses the same method for their Webmaster tools. You have to put a META tag on your website or upload a HTML file with a name they give. Now it’s just at matter of time to be added to their site if all things are OK 😉

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Microsoft Exchange Server Jetstress Tool