Exchange 2010 public beta released

Exchange 2010 Beta

Problems removing Exchange 2003 cluster

During one of my forum visits I found a really interesting issue. Someone tried to remove his old Exchange 2003 cluster but received the following error when trying to dit it:

Organizational forms in Exchange 2007

Organizational forms were used in Exchange 2003 by several applications and were very easy to implement. In Exchange 2007 this is a bit more complicated to configure organizational forms.

How to test smtp with telnet

When starting to troubleshoot smtp issues you can do this easily via telnet, below a hosrt description on how to perform the test:

Ports used by Exchange 2007

Via one of my colleagues I received a pretty nice site with an overview of all ports used for communication between the Exchange 2007 server roles. Below the overview:

Exclude Exchange 2007 folders for antivirus solutions

Virusscanners may not have the result you wanted always, especially on databases and log files they can cause strange issues. Below an overview of folders you will need to exclude from virusscanning when a virusscanner is running on your Exchange 2007 server:

Update Rollup 7 for Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1

Today Microsoft has release rollup 7 for Exchange 2007 SP1.  This rollup contains fixes for several issues:

Change OWA’s default language

Many people will use the Outlook Web Access (OWA) functionality. The default language is set to 0 this will ensure that users will be prompted the first time they login to define the default language. Users can change this later by going to the regional settings in OWA.

Server Installation and Automation Guides

Technet Page

Exchange 2003 keeps resending the same mail

Today I had a nice issue with Exchange. For some kind of strange reason Exchange 2003 kept sending the same mails.  Even when deleting the mails from the queue in the Exchange System Manager. A result of this was that the bandwidth was almost used 100% so I adjusted the simultaneous connections etc, without any effect.