Microsoft releases first rollup for Exchange 2010

Today Microsoft has release rollup 1 for Exchange 2010. This is the first update for Exchange 2010 which fixes the following issues:

Autodiscover in a multiforest environment

Autodiscover, a really nice feature of Exchange but it can cause headaches. When implementing it in a multiforest environment you will have to take care of some extra things. In this tutorial I will explain which steps are needed and will let you see what goes wrong when it is not configured correctly.

Remove/disable Transport Agents

Microsoft Exchange couldn’t start transport agents. The Microsoft Exchange Transport service will be stopped. This is one of the errors you may get when you’ve got a corrupted transport agent. This can cause that the transport service won’t start anymore as you can see in the example, which causes that the mail traffic will stall.

Measure SIS effectiveness

As Exchange 2010 is general available it may be nice to see the current effectiveness of Single Instance Storage on your current databases. It’s always nice to know what will happen if you will not be using Single Instance Storage anymore, in Exchange 2010 this is the case.

Install Exchange in a Citrix Xenserver environment

Exchange setup error

Tools for Exchange 2010

Exchange 2010 is now available for a few days and besides Exchange itself there are the tools.

Exchange 2010 available for the public

Exchange 2010 RTM download

Exchange Single Instance Storage (SIS)

Starting from Exchange 2010 Microsoft will not use single instance storage anymore. But what did single instance storage do and what are the pro’s/cons of it?

Block messages to specific domains

With Exchange 2007 you could only configure some specific things on the Edge server, in Exchange 2010 RC some of these functions are also available on the HUB server. One of those things is block messages to specific domains. In Exchange 2007 this could only be configured on the Edge server, in Exchange 2010 RC this can also be done on the HUB server.

New CAS-server not used by clients

In Exchange 2010 clients will make a connection to the CAS server(s) instead of the mailboxserver. One exclusion for this are the Public Folders, they will still be accessed view the old way. One of the advantages of this is that client will lose connection for 30 seconds instead of for 1 minute during a failover.